University of California Commission on the Future

UC Commission on the Future

How can the University of California best serve the state in the years ahead and maintain access, quality and affordability in a time of diminishing resources?

The UC Commission on the Future is addressing that question and others as it develops a vision for the future of the state's public research university – one that reaffirms UC's role in sustaining California's economic and cultural vitality, while recognizing that limited state funding will require creativity and new strategies to meet that mission.

The Commission and its five working groups – on the size and shape of UC, its education and curriculum, access and affordability, and funding and research strategies – are considering, among other issues:

  • What is the right size and shape of the University going forward? Where should it grow, or should it?
  • What educational delivery models will both maintain quality and improve efficiency for UC's future?
  • How can UC maximize traditional and alternative revenue streams in support of its mission?

The first round of recommendations from the working groups will go to the Commission in late March. The working groups will continue to develop and analyze additional recommendations that will be presented to the Commission in June and reviewed by the UC community and the public before the Commission concludes its deliberations and presents a final round of recommendations to Regents in the fall.

Commissioners are drawing on expertise both inside and outside of the University. Ideas and feedback through this site are welcome as the discussion progresses.